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Hello Dear Friends,

Friendship is the reason for this letter, and the reason I hope you’ll join Sarah, Joy, and me at one of two very special events we’ve planned for you, our friends. Our relationships as mother and daughters, both growing and grown, have been a powerful influence in our spiritual lives and the impetus for us to write a book together, Girls’ Club, about our experiences and the critical importance of purposeful companionship for women. That’s why our special connection with so many of you, built through twenty-five years of books, blogs, podcasts, and conferences, is the impetus for us to come out of event retirement for two weekends in February. How could we celebrate a new book about relationships as women without sharing it with you? 

However, our time will be for much more than just connecting with more social media “friends.” We want these Girls’ Club Getaways to be times to call women into godly friendships—to help each other live into our potential in Christ. We want to gather like-minded women who will encourage one other to excellence and purpose. This is a unique time in history for women, and as followers of Christ we need to help each other become all that God has designed us to be. We’re all here, like Esther, “for such a time as this,” a time when our voices, lives, and gifts are desperately needed to make a better and more beautiful world. The first step toward that worthy goal is simply learning how to be better friends with each other—not just acquaintances, but allies and advocates on our mutual journeys of faith, family, friendship, and femininity with Christ.

Our Mom Heart Ministry team national leaders are already beginning to think about how to make our two days together a time that will lift your spirit, fill your heart, challenge your thinking, expand your companionships, and stick in your memory. They want each of the Getaways to be more than just an event to attend, but to be an experience to remember. We promise that you will not attend a Girls’ Club Getaway and leave without finding a new friendship or strengthening an old one. Our time, recalling the words of James, will not be only about hearing, but also about doing—connecting, sharing, affirming, encouraging. The theme of our Girls’ Club Getaway reminds us that we are all put on earth to engage with one another for Christ's kingdom: “It Takes a Friend to Make a Difference.”

I think it’s safe to say that these two back-to-back Girls’ Club Getaways will be a one-time event for us. It is increasingly difficult to gather all our family in one place, but that’s what we’ll try to do. Joy and I, and Sarah and Thomas, will all make the trip from Oxford, along with 11-month old Lilian, our newest Girls’ Club member, and Clay will join the entourage from Colorado. And if all the pieces fall into place, Joel will join us from Scotland, and Nathan from New York. It may take an act of Providence to make it happen, but we’re counting on it, by faith of course.

Our time together will be filled with messages on purposeful and soul-strengthening friendship from each of the girls from the Clarkson Girls’ Club, discussions at the tables shepherded by committed table leaders, special music and singing of familiar and faith-stirring songs, a lovely seated luncheon together on Saturday, all our books on book tables with plenty of copies of Girls’ Club, and other surprises to make it a weekend to remember. Why are we going to all this difficulty for these two weekends in February? Well, I guess it’s just because it takes a friend to make a difference, and we want to make a difference in your life.

We all—Sarah, Joy, and me, Clay and the boys, and all our leaders—hope that you will be able to join us for a Girls’ Club Getaway. It’s what friends do! They get together to enjoy one another’s company and companionship, and to help each other be stronger, more engaged, and more faithful women after God's heart. That’s what we’ll be doing. And we hope that you’ll be there to do it with us.

In His heart,

Sally Clarkson, with Sarah Clarkson Fink-Jensen and Joy Clarkson